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Archeology of The Soul

Crystal Tor Their craft slipped through the vortex strand and seemed to hesitate before recalibrating its shift into a larger deep-space wormhole. The disk tilted, shuddered and pulled. Everyone on board was thrown to the floor of the craft. A powerful blue field sucked the ship out of deep space as the disk began to swing violently against the magnetic atmosphere of Earth.

In 2011 Crystal-Tor begins the first excavations of the: Archeology of The Soul.
"High above in the atmosphere, unseen by any human eyes, a large disk shaped craft tipped and pitched in stormy skies. Lightning flashed. There was no sign of life below them. There were no towns, no roads, no people and no lights. The craft swung violently as the pilots appeared to get it under control and then suddenly the disk plunged straight down into the side of the lake."

Orgone Dream Codex and Time^Travel Coherence are operating handbooks to "The Field", the magical quantum reality in every atom of our world. While Crystal-Tor is the story unveiling the future discovery, as the planetary human species come to realise that the soul is a timetraveller.

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